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Europe North America South America
 Austria ($5.60)
 France ($5.60)
 Italy ($14.90)
 Latvia ($18.75)
 Luxembourg ($9.30)
 Russian Federation ($95.00)
 Spain ($14.90)
 Switzerland ($5.60)
 United Kingdom ($11.24)

 Canada ($3.70)
 Mexico ($18.75)

 Argentina ($14.90)
 Brazil ($18.75)

Asia Pacific Africa Middle East
 Australia ($11.30)
 China ($9.30)
 Hong Kong ($9.30)
 India ($93.25)
 Japan ($18.75)
 Viet Nam ($16.95)

 South Africa ($18.75)

 Israel ($5.50)

Receiving many International phone calls? Why not get a local phone number so that your business partners, friends and relatives are able to contact you and save calling local phone numbers. Brama Telecom offers virtual phone number services also known as DID (Direct Inward Dialing) or DDI (Direct Dial-In) feature. Canada phone numbers are offered for as little as $ 3. 70 and it will no different from a regular PSTN phone line. Phone numbers are also available in the majority of European, American, Asian, African and Middle East countries.
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