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Return Policy

Hardware Return or Replace Policy  

You have 15 calendar days from the date of purchase to return purchased equipment to the point of purchase. Equipment must be in good working condition with original contents and packaging to be eligible for a refund of the purchase price. This return policy applies to the purchase of new equipment from Brama Telecom Inc. or its authorized dealers. Proof of purchase is required. We may charge a restocking fee. A different return period may apply to accessory purchases. Software is not refundable.  

If your equipment is defective and still under warranty , you may contact Customer Care to order a replacement. Please note that when you call, Customer Care will first attempt to troubleshoot your phone problems. For this reason, please make your initial call to Customer Care from a different phone or you may limit the ability to troubleshoot. Once you receive the replacement phone, you must return the defective phone to Brama Telecom Inc. to complete the exchange.  

To receive a replacement equipment in advance, you must agree that we may charge you a $59.99 fee for VoIP adapter, $150.00 for SPA941 and $299.00 for SPA962 replacement charge if your equipment is found to be outside the warranty period and/or is physically damaged. Please note that all amounts are subject to applicable taxes.  

Please note that equipment warranties are not transferable from one customer to another. Brama Telecom Inc. does not support warranties for any devices that were not purchased through Brama Telecom Inc. or an authorized Brama Telecom Inc dealer.  

How to determine if your equipment is considered defective:  

Equipment is generally considered to be defective and covered under warranty if it has stopped properly functioning due to no fault of the user. For example, a hardware malfunction would typically be considered a defect of the device.  

Equipment damage not considered defective includes, but is not limited to:  

·  Cracks on or damage to the device case indicating that the device has been dropped  

·  Damage indicating that the device has been exposed to liquid  

·  LCD damage such that the IP-Phone screen has cracks or blue spots  

·  Devices that have been modified or tampered with 

How to return your equipment:  

If you are looking to cancel the service, fill out the Cancelation Form and indicate the item(s) that you are returning and the reason(s) for the return. Please note: Your return cannot be processed unless you legibly and accurately fill out the Cancelation Form and follow the cancelation procedure accordingly (i.e. provide Brama Telecom Inc. with 30-days notice and confirm that the account is clear of any outstanding balances at the time of cancelation).  

Place item and all accessory items (such as cables) in the original package.  

Remove all other unnecessary labels in order to minimize any confusion with shipment.  

Securely seal the package and process it for shipping. Insure the package for the full value of the adaptor, and send the package via a traceable carrier (such as Canada Post, UPS, FedEx, or DHL). Be sure to ask for and save the tracking number.  

Your account will be credited for the full purchase price of the device (less any rebates) within 15 business days.  

If your equipment has not been delivered and you cancel the service before receiving the adaptor, simply refuse the delivery of the package when it arrives, and the device will be returned to Brama Telecom Inc.    

IMPORTANT NOTE: If any items (a) are returned after the specified return period, (b) have been physically damaged, modified, or damaged by liquids, or (c) are missing any parts, then you will not be eligible for, and you will not receive, any credit for your purchase price. In addition, accessories returned after such specified return period will not be returned to you.  

What to do if your adaptor has been lost or stolen:  

Call Customer Care immediately to suspend your service. If your device was stolen, please provide the Customer Care representative with the police report number (if available).  

Once you have called Customer Care to report the device as lost or stolen, your service will be suspended for up to a maximum of 30 days. If your device has not been recovered within this time period, your current account will be cancelled to prevent any possible misuse. To avoid account cancellation, call Customer Care regarding your options for replacing the lost or stolen device.  

Charges Refund Policy:  

You may receive a refund from Brama Telecom Inc. in several cases:  

1.  If you close your account and return the equipment during the first 15 days after activation of your account. All fees will be waived, except the cost of Long Distance and International calls, activation fee and shipping.


2.  If you are charged for a call that was never completed (there was no answer) and request Customer Service to refund the charge within 30 days of the invoice date. Upon verification, we will credit your account the amount charged.


3.  If you were incorrectly charged for services not received or for which you did not sign up. In such cases, you must contact Customer Service within 24 hours of the attempted call or discovery of the erroneous charges.  


Refunds to your Credit Card will take up to 20 business days.  





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